Foam Vs Memory Foam

When it involves shopping for a new mattress, lots of people aren’t aware that “foam” and also “memory foam” are not always the same thing. Although you may have heard these words being made use of reciprocally, there are actually a selection of differences between conventional foam (additionally referred to as polyurethane foam) versus memory foam. These distinctions can have a massive influence on the high quality, expense, and overall comfort of the mattress …

It’s as a result of this assumption that memory foam occasionally obtains a poor credibility … unrightfully so! For example, there are a lot of individuals under the presumption that all “foam” absorbs warmth. This is merely not real. Although there is still traditional, antique foam on the marketplace that does absorb warm, genuine memory foam does not!

So how does one differentiate?

Closed Cell vs. Open Cell Foam

Shut cell foam tends to trap air. As temperatures in the cushion’s atmosphere surge, the air absorbed by the typical foam bed mattress ends up being stuck within these shut cells and the mattress is most likely to over warmth because of this. This can cause a really undesirable, hot, as well as sweaty resting surface.

On the contrast, real memory foam (likewise called Visco elastic or visco-foam) that contains open cells does exactly the opposite. Visco flexible foam is temperature delicate as it stands up to adjustment and also slowly returns to its initial form when forced upon. The open cells within this foam permit the foam to “take a breath” easier, disallowing warm to be trapped within its fibers, thus offering a total more comfortable as well as awesome rest experience.

Exactly how can I tell if it’s open or closed?

If you have actually recently bought or are considering a genuine Visco elastic memory foam mattress, you are in good luck. All Visco flexible memory foam is open cell, which indicates that the air travels from cell to cell as differing degrees of pressure are put on the bed mattress. Heat is a lot less likely to be caught within the cells as conventional foam cushions, made by polyurethane material, have a tendency to do.

Keep in mind: keep in mind that there are differing levels of Visco-foam available. Density as well as density can have an affect on the general bed mattress’s temperature level of sensitivity, even if it is Visco elastic.

Another means to inform if your foam is open or closed: do your research on the maker! Learn where the mattress was made as well as start searching. There are lots of sites out there that supply individual as well as market testimonials. It actually relies on a case-by-case basis.

The Healing of the Foam

Another difference between conventional foam and also memory foam is the recuperation time. Traditional, or polyurethane, foam recoups much quicker than Visco elastic memory foam. When polyurethane recovers, it rapidly takes its form back in a “bouncy” way that is much less comfy. When Visco elastic recovers, it responds much more slowly and also adapts irregularities fit (such as body parts!).

Possibly the most telling indicator of top quality, Visco flexible memory foam is the capability of it to soften under the places where your body heat affects it. If you are to experience an injury, you will certainly discover that the soft qualities below your injury generally communicate fevered warm. The additional warm might cause the mattress material to soften even more, providing even more comfort and also alleviation to that respective area. Particularly, memory foam has actually functioned wonders for relieving chronic neck and back pain, a common issue amongst older adults.

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