Guide to Buying a New Computer

With every person being so dependent on computers to carry out all sorts of tasks like, video clip editing, image creation, residence layout, data storage, emailing, social media sites, conferencing or even just talking to a friend on the other side of the globe, it is essential to know what sort of computer system and also devices you will certainly require prior to you make a purchase.

A lot of people are not as well certain where to begin, when it involves getting a new PC. We count either on what another person has actually informed us or on what the computer sales person tells us.

This post with give you with some valuable ideas on buying a PC and also devices that will certainly satisfy your needs and also assist avoid you dropping victim to pushy sales individuals.


By not recognizing what your computer needs are as well as what you need to buy, puts you at a downside and at the mercy of some salesmen who simply want to make a sale, no matter whether it fulfills your demand or otherwise. Being none the better we often tend to accept what we are being told as scripture, just to find out later on that we have been misinformed.

Extra Costs

You hear stories of individuals that have simply purchased a computer system based on somebody’s say so, only to uncover later on that they need to acquire something added. A software program trial program that came with the COMPUTER requires to be acquired because the trail variation has actually ended.

Trial variations generally last for 60 days after which you require to acquire a license to remain to utilize it. Many first COMPUTER purchasers are not informed that they will certainly need to buy a software application license when the dry run out. MS Workplace and Anti-virus test software program are normally both main programs that come already set up on a brand-new PC.

As a side note, you can conserve some money by downloading a complimentary MS Office look-alike program such as OpenOffice that does all that MS Office does as well as downloading a complimentary anti-virus program, such as AVG.

I suggest that you acquire a retail variation of an antivirus program that includes a firewall. The firewall software helps secure your computer system from hackers and programs that try to gain access to your computer system while connected to the internet. A firewall software imitates a protection fencing.


1) Note down what you want to be able to do with your brand-new computer system, e.g., browse the web, send e-mail, conversation with and also view live video clip of remote friends and family, type up letters, play self-made videos, play music, print out images, and so on

2) Ask friend or family to see if any person can recommend an excellent computer shop or an excellent brand name of COMPUTER they have actually directly made use of and have had a great run from.

3) If you have a computer system smart friend inquire to accompany you to help you with your COMPUTER acquisition.

4) Take your time; it is your cash you are spending. Ask a great deal of questions. Do not let any sales representative market you what they desire, but purchase what you desire according to your checklist. Get them to answer your questions in non-technical language.

Be assertive but respectful. If a salesman can’t be bothered to put in the time to explain points to you as well as address your questions, then locate an additional salesman or store that will.

5) Ask what the best cost is as well as what bonus are they prepared to throw in.


Your choice requirements will be based upon the following.

A high quality brand, one that is well-known as well as has been around for a while e.g. Asus, Dell, HP or a widely known, locally set up brand.

My suggested minimum demands for a COMPUTER for basic use based upon current innovation is as adheres to.

  • Intel I 5 2.3 X GHz or I 7 2.8 X GHz CPU (The rate of the cpu).
  • 750GB Hard Drive (The amount of internal storage space).
  • 4GB Ram (The quantity of memory).
  • Video Card 1GB Ram.
  • Combination CD/DVD/Blue Ray Burner.
  • Keyboard/Mouse.
  • Audio speakers.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Ethernet port.
  • USB ports (at least 6).
  • 20″ LCD Screen PC.
  • Windows 7 Operating system.
  • Antivirus Software application 1 year permit (when possible).

One that has a service warranty of 1 to 3 years, preferably 3 years. If it is not too costly, acquire an extensive service warranty if the PC just comes with a 1 year service warranty. Inspect what the guarantee covers as well as if it includes an on-site or go back to base service warranty.

An on-site warranty is where the solution professional appears to your residence to service your computer. This removes the inconvenience of needing to detach your computer system, as well as take it right into the service center for solution.

Though it is more convenient for you to have an on-site guarantee, it is not vital, just as long as you have a warranty cover of some type.

Examine if the computer fixings are done in your area or does the computer need to be sent away. If it needs to be sent away, inquire regarding what the fixing turn-around time usually is.

It is far better to purchase a computer system that has a local service facility, as the repair work turnaround time must be a great deal much shorter.

It additionally has the advantage of you being able to take care of the solution center personally if you have any kind of issues, in contrast to managing a phone call facility by phone in an additional part of the country or overseas.


If you want to do email, conversation and watch the family members by means of the net or printout letters, then you will need to purchase added hardware things, such as a web cam, an inkjet or laser printer, a broadband modem and a broadband plan for web use.

Web cams are not pricey, so buy a high quality one. An excellent entry-level inkjet or printer nowadays are not pricey either, but one essential point to figure out before you purchase a printer is the price of its consumables i.e. ink cartridges for the inkjet printer as well as the laser cartridge and also drum for the laser printer.

Inquire additionally, regarding what is the ordinary cost per web page for black printing and shade printing as some printer consumables are not cost-effective to use.


If you do not have any individual to assist you arrangement your new computer, then you will certainly have to get a PC professional to call round as well as arrangement your computer system, printer, email and broadband.

Prior to you do this though, ask around to obtain the very best price as well as see if they can give you a price quote of the time as well as price involved.


Lastly, you will certainly need to safeguard your new PC, printer and also modem from the opportunity of electrical damage by purchasing a high quality surge/spike guard.