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The Cambridge dictionary defines the word routine as “a usual and fixed way of doing things”. Now, if I told you to take herbs 3 times a day, 21 times a week, 84 times a month, 1008 times a year, would you fit into this routine? No! I definitely would not!

In this blog, I would like to give you a new perspective to establish a routine that fills you with creative life energy that keeps you away from monotony and boredom.

I’d like to give you a triple bottom line. Follow it only if you are completely convinced of it.

Take charge of your routine: how to find and establish your own personalized routine.

Herb Routine : how to incorporate herb into your own current routine

Go for it!

“Make” your routine “belong”

Set your own routine. And get it!

In our childhood days, our parents established our routines like brushing our teeth, bathing, studying, playing, eating dinner, etc. All these routines were formed as fundamental routines, which we hardly ever abandoned. As children, we felt a sense of security in practicing them.

The needs of adults for a routine are more sophisticated. We tend to expect value from each routine in order to maintain it. And in general, we give three aspects to this value.

The great philosophers of the world have left a legacy of knowledge. Let’s borrow something from them.

According to the French philosopher RenĂ© Descartes, who considered the mind-body distinction as “real distinction”, the mind and the body are really different and each could exist by itself. Also, the theory of dualism of Pluto and Aristotle are philosophies that various cultures accept and follow.

Therefore, it is clear that we need to establish different schemes of routines for the mind, body and soul. From this understanding, the three aspects that adults attach to a “routine” would be

1. Physical needs
2. Emotional needs
3. Psychological needs

Although there is a strong interconnection between the three, they are different and we need to understand this in order to establish a routine that deals with the fulfillment of each of these aspects.

Only when the routines we follow give the expected results do we stay on it. If not, we will surely lose interest and quit.

For example, if you have a routine to run 3 km every night. The benefit you expect from it would be health and fitness. What if, despite a heavy physical routine, you can’t get enough sleep… or you feel unhappy?

You definitely lack some of the emotional or psychological needs, don’t you? It could be from the stress and pressure of professional life or even relationship problems. This needs to be fixed too!

Does that sound complicated?!

Let me make it simple for you. Write down the problem areas in your life that you are currently experiencing and establish a routine to help you overcome them. Remember to separate out the routines that can meet all three aspects of your needs (physical, emotional and psychological).

Only you know what is best for you. You don’t have to follow a popular Youtuber or a celebrity or a health expert. Be creative, innovate a new routine that is totally new – “take charge” of your routine!

Herb Routine

Having established a very clear routine, let me explain how to incorporate C oils into your routine.

With the foundation of a healthy body, the mind is freed from stress and functions effectively. Life becomes more meaningful. There is interesting research on the degree to which the practice of a routine is related to feelings of “meaning in life”. According to this study conducted for Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 2019, the authors concluded that living a life characterized by routines was associated with greater meaning in life. Moreover, life is not only meaningful through extraordinary experiences, but also through the way we live our daily lives.

Health supplements can be helpful in improving health that complements physical and mental health.

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